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About us

<p>Imrev (Internet marketing revolution) - revolutionaries in the field of Internet sales. Despite the fact that our team is quite young, we have tremendous experience in internet marketing. The company was founded in 2013. And today includes two units: Imrev marketing and Imrev Production. Our main advantage is a comprehensive turnkey business promotion: from creating websites or online stores to implementing a developed marketing strategy.</p>

<h2>Our principles</h2>

    <li>Individual approach to each client</li>
    <li>In-depth study of the subject area and the target audience of the client</li>
    <li>Creating a unique promotion strategy to achieve results</li>
    <li>Online support and team work with the client.</li>

<p>Each of our clients is unique. Therefore, we use an exclusively individual approach, as only this method allows us to work out the most effective strategy for promoting your business.</p>

<p>It is important to understand that the ultimate goal of any business is to realize a product. This requires a qualitative, unique offer from the manufacturer and a deep understanding of its target audience: its interests, needs, financial capabilities and desires. Therefore, the implementer needs to be not only a strategist and a financier, but also a subtle psychologist who can “read” his potential client and offer him exactly what he does not want to refuse.</p>

<p>Business is a constant advance, therefore you can always rely on information support from Imrev.</p>

<h2>Our methods</h2>

    <li>Thorough study of the subject area</li>
    <li>Close communication with the client</li>
    <li>Effective promotion methods</li>
    <li>A / B testing for all channels</li>
    <li>Maximum result within a given budget.</li>

<p>To achieve our goals, we use unique strategies developed over the years, which we implement using a variety of modern tools. And this concerns not only the technical part.</p>

<p>Close customer interaction helps us learn more not only about the product, but also about the nature of the business owner. This information allows you to convey the key idea of your campaign to the target audience and bring you closer to consumers. And the constant tracking of fashion trends in the field of Internet marketing contributes to the recognition of your brand and, accordingly, the universal love for it.</p>

<p>You can find out more about our promotion methods on the page <a href="https://imrev.com.ua/services">Services.</a></p>

<h2>Our ambitions</h2>

<p>Our team is internet marketing professionals. This is confirmed by many certificates, as well as the status of the Google Partner. But we do not want to stop. Our goal is the internet marketing revolution. To this end, we are constantly developing and developing new methods and techniques for promoting business on the Internet. Also, our specialists participate in digital marketing conferences not only as participants, but also as speakers. We are partners of many projects, such as the Khmelnitsky Economic Development Forum or international volunteer projects, such as the BlueGrass cultural exchange project in Ukraine.</p>

<p>Internet marketing is developing very fast, and our task is to always be one step ahead. Because only continuous advance is life. Every entrepreneur lives his own business, as well as we. Only on the basis of common interests and goals, a common vision for the future and joint efforts will be able to grow real, sparkling and fruitful relationships that will bring you profit and recognition.</p>


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29000, Украина, г.Хмельницкий,

Проспект Мира 42/1



+38 067 501-04-38


Електроная связь

E-mail: ceo@imrev.com.ua

Skype: imrev.info