Internet marketing revolution
Complex promotion
of online business
  • search engine optimization
  • contextual advertising
  • promotion in social networks
  • web analytics
Complex <span> promotion </span>
TOP is not the main thing
- sales are
  • only targeted audience
  • advertisement that makes a profit
  • quick start sales
<span>TOP is not the main thing</span>
Measure, analyze, implant
new level of analytics
  • analytics systems: Google Analytics and Yandex metrika
  • analysis of the effectiveness of advertising and promotion
  • forecast of trends
  • search of problem places in the structure, navigation and site content
Measure, analyze, implant


Nowadays each self-respecting company has an Internet representative office. It is website. Websites differ in their functionality and tasks. The main website types are:

  1. Online business card is a small informative website. Its main task is to provide comprehensive information about your company, brand, product or service. Generally, such site consists of one or more pages. There are business card websites with the use of animation or Flash-components.

    Business card website is a budget variant, but it has a number of advantages:

    • It is simple and brief. The user easily can find needed information.
    • Can be developed precisely for one type of service or a specific product type for its network promotion. For example, sometimes musicians create individual website for each new album.
    • Due to absence of diverse additional modules, the website browser loading is faster. This means that visitor will be satisfied with the speed of getting needed information.
  2. Web catalogue is a website focused on your products and services Internet presentation. In a good web catalogue, each product or service unit is located on a separate page with its description, features and photos. Some sites offers the opportunity to download this information.

    Web catalogue is the best option for not e-mail sending product catalogues or product descriptions and photos of certain goods. For familiarizing client with your products / services or choosing something else, the customer needs just enter your site or specific site page.

  3. Corporate site is the Internet area where your company or organization is represented. With its help, the customer creates an image of your company. That is why a corporative site creation should be approached in a responsible manner.

    You should take into account several points to create high-quality corporate website that will work for your brand:

    • If you already have a logo, corporate identity, corporate website should reflect exactly it.
    • Website design should be well thought out and consistent with the business function of your organization.
    • In corporate site units as news, stocks, ets., information can be permanently updated, so content management system needs to be strong and at the same time comfortable.
    • In order for visitor not to be confused by the large amount of information, site interface should be understandable to the user without cluttering it with extra information.
    • For not losing contact with your customers on the Internet, site can be embedded with communication resources for site visitors.
  4. Online shop (e-shop) is completely independent web application. The main feature of it is making purchases without leaving your computer. With its help user can look through your goods, choose some product, add it into your cart and pay for the order.

    We use the following CMS (Content Management System) for websites development:

    • Joomla
    • Drupal
    • MODX
    • OpenCard
    • Wordpress

Even at the creation stage, our websites became search engines optimized, which means that they are ready for the successful Internet promotion. Another our websites advantage is the integration with social networks, and authorization through it.

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