Internet marketing revolution
Complex promotion
of online business
  • search engine optimization
  • contextual advertising
  • promotion in social networks
  • web analytics
Complex <span> promotion </span>
TOP is not the main thing
- sales are
  • only targeted audience
  • advertisement that makes a profit
  • quick start sales
<span>TOP is not the main thing</span>
Measure, analyze, implant
new level of analytics
  • analytics systems: Google Analytics and Yandex metrika
  • analysis of the effectiveness of advertising and promotion
  • forecast of trends
  • search of problem places in the structure, navigation and site content
Measure, analyze, implant


Web analytics is an integral part of sites and online stores promotion.

Imrev Company pays great attention to your website data analysis. In our practice we use such systems as Google Analytics and Yandex metrics.

Google analytics System is a powerful complex of data collection and analysis. In our practice we use it for achieving maximal results.

Google analytics advantages:

  • Online tracking results ability.
  • Metrics large number tracking.
  • Data segmentation.
  • Special reports creation ability.
  • Shared access.
Логотип Google analytics

Yandex metrics is the analytics system from Yandex Company. This tool frequently used by Imrev Company in its practice and first of all for usability testing.

Yandex metrics advantages:

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Easy making settings.
  • Site work notifications.
  • WEB visor.
  • Heat map.
Яндекс метрика

Yandex metrics data in tandem with GA data allows accurate determining of the important indicators.

GA and Yandex Metrics installation

It is not difficult to add web-analytics indicator code. The main thing is to make proper settings. Our experts can help you personalize the system according to tasks of your project: correctly identify goals, set up filters for more accurate data, install additional modules of e-commerce tracking, customize site search and feedback forms tracking, etc.

SEO results tracking.

How to measure the result of search promotion? Web analytics systems offer an opportunity to define the key words that made conversion, to define how effective these words and how landing pages optimized, what is the conversion rate on search engines.

The analysis process of SEO optimization called SEO audit. Our experts perform an audit of high quality that helps to create or modify existing search engines strategy promotion.

Effectiveness analysis of Contextually Targeted Advertising /PPC and other paid advertising forms

Do you use contextual advertising or other paid advertising forms (banners, teasers, video ads) in your strategy? If yes, it is important to measure correctly entire PPC traffic.

In case of use Google Adwords contextual advertising, we can analyze all the traffic of this channel with the help of Google analytics.

Besides contextual advertising, we can analyze other sources. For example teaser advertisement.

Imagine that you are promoting your product proposals in the teaser system. We can help you to determine the most effective teasers and check whether you have click fraud or bots through this channel.

Not involving qualitative analysis, you can just waste your advertising budgets without reaching your goals.

Website Conversion increasing.

In Ukraine average online stores conversion is 1 %. You can imagine that only one person out of 100 will buy some goods getting in your site. Our team can help you increase this percentage. How we are doing it?

  1. Conduct A/B tests.
  2. Make site usability testing.
  3. Optimize lending pages.
  4. Make analysis of your competitors, their pricing policy and used advertising channels.

Based on received data we will make for you blended report with recommendations what you have to do for conversion increasing. For details on conversion increasing please read our blog.

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