Internet marketing revolution
Complex promotion
of online business
  • search engine optimization
  • contextual advertising
  • promotion in social networks
  • web analytics
Complex <span> promotion </span>
TOP is not the main thing
- sales are
  • only targeted audience
  • advertisement that makes a profit
  • quick start sales
<span>TOP is not the main thing</span>
Measure, analyze, implant
new level of analytics
  • analytics systems: Google Analytics and Yandex metrika
  • analysis of the effectiveness of advertising and promotion
  • forecast of trends
  • search of problem places in the structure, navigation and site content
Measure, analyze, implant

Promotion in social networks

Imrev Company offers a range of services to promote your website on social media.

Nowadays the integral parts of the website overall promotion strategy are SMM (Social Media Marketing) and SMO (Social Media Optimization). Each 5-th person on the planet daily uses various social networks for communication, information transfer and much, much more. As a result, social networks have rapid developing, increase its audience, and become an excellent advertising platform. Complex of works performed by the specialists of Imrev aimed at increasing network brand awareness, increasing audience interest, and in the future, sales promotion.

We will promote your brand at such social networks:

Official pages, groups and communities creation.

One of the ways of increasing brand audience loyalty is to have an official page, group or community in social networks. Our specialists can create the official page of your business in any social network in accordance with your corporate identity, as well as set permissions for you and your staff (admin permissions).

How to involve users in the group.

There are three ways of increasing the number of your page subscribers:

Imagine what we can result in 10 thousand your subscribers, and this is a small newspaper audience.

Filling the groups with an interesting, unique content.

Does the news often appear in your company? If no, are you not sure what to write on your page?
We can help you with this! We will create the interest to your brand through the publication of new and unique information.

Advertising campaigns in social networks.

Using special advertising tools that will increase recognition of the community or group.

Social networks PR materials distribution.

Cooperation with popular social network communities. We have partnership relations with large social network communities that count millions of subscribers.

Dealing with negative and smear campaigns in the social networks.

Our services include tracking negative comments and objections, its neutralization and keeping the company's image.

Communication organizing within groups and communities.

Generation of positive company image and positive brand image by creating, commenting and carrying on the conversations in groups and communities.

Social networks target advertising (focused on the target audience).

Creation of such advertisement that can be visible only the target audience (selected categories of users). Thus, you are paying just for conversion, and not for the mere advertising. This type of advertising allows using wide targeting opportunities in the social networks with the help of well-defined and segmented audience. Imagine that you're selling youth clothing brand. We will set up an advertising campaign in such way that only young people at the age from 18 to 25 can see it. If you sell your goods exclusively in Kiev, the advertising will appear only in Kiev region. Broad targeting options allows precisely select target audience and save a great part of your advertising budget.

Performance evaluation and control of the network promotion.

As a result, you will get a strong social website where information about your product is transferred from person to person with great speed. We give you the opportunity to choose and combine types of used advertising. Whereby from our side you will get expert advices and tips, but the final choice is always will be yours.

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