Internet marketing revolution
Complex promotion
of online business
  • search engine optimization
  • contextual advertising
  • promotion in social networks
  • web analytics
Complex <span> promotion </span>
TOP is not the main thing
- sales are
  • only targeted audience
  • advertisement that makes a profit
  • quick start sales
<span>TOP is not the main thing</span>
Measure, analyze, implant
new level of analytics
  • analytics systems: Google Analytics and Yandex metrika
  • analysis of the effectiveness of advertising and promotion
  • forecast of trends
  • search of problem places in the structure, navigation and site content
Measure, analyze, implant

E-mail marketing

One of the first widespread ways of exchanging information via the Internet was e-mail. This method is popular until the present times. Besides ease of use, nowadays e-mail gained new advantages: ability to transmit large data amounts and high security provided by modern e-mail services that is more important. Furthermore, now each Internet user has at least one e-mail or even more. That is why e-mail marketing can be called the oldest one and the most effective method of Internet advertising. High quality marketing campaign allows not just getting new clients, but also gives an opportunity to increase site target audience returns rate.

Benefits of E-mail marketing

Potential clients mailing enables increasing of the target audience interest, increasing of the site conversion and as the result sales development. By using interesting, beautiful and informative letters, you can share the information about new products, special offers and brand in general with prospective buyer. Mailing to the potential buyers can be not only reminder of your site, but also means of dialogue between you and your audience that is able to intrigue the client.

Imrev company offers you the opportunity to increase significantly the number of sales through high-quality e-mail marketing. For achieving these goals, we use only proven distribution services. We take into account the individual characteristics of each project and realize such marketing activities as:

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