Internet marketing revolution
Complex promotion
of online business
  • search engine optimization
  • contextual advertising
  • promotion in social networks
  • web analytics
Complex <span> promotion </span>
TOP is not the main thing
- sales are
  • only targeted audience
  • advertisement that makes a profit
  • quick start sales
<span>TOP is not the main thing</span>
Measure, analyze, implant
new level of analytics
  • analytics systems: Google Analytics and Yandex metrika
  • analysis of the effectiveness of advertising and promotion
  • forecast of trends
  • search of problem places in the structure, navigation and site content
Measure, analyze, implant

Contextual advertising

How to find a client interested in your products or services even today? It can be easy if you use Contextually Targeted Advertising (or PPC). Indeed, it begins to work immediately after the setting up and starting. PPC mechanic is very simple: a user enters some search request (for example, I want to buy a car) and receives in response your advertisement above the search results.

That is how Google contextual advertising appears:

google adwords

Google contextual advertising system is called Google Adwords.

Yandex contextual advertising system is called Yandex Direct. That is how it looks like:

yandex direct

Contextual advertising types

Contextual advertising is not only search engines advertising, but also it is an advertising on thousands of sites from media-context network. Imagine that you should not pay each resource owner for banner placement. You can do this directly on the hundreds of sites on a single occasion.

Advertisement main types:

Contextual advertising advantages

PPC cost

PPC cost depends on the keywords of your subject, those keywords competition and the correct settings. Besides, you yourself can choose the monthly budget. For example, you want to spend maximum 50 USD per day for contextual advertising on Google AdWords. Then your monthly budget will be 50 * 30.4 = 1520 UAH. Let us suppose, passing price will be approximately 0.8 UAH. Then the number of your site potential visits with the said monthly budget will be 1520 / 0,8 = 1900 visits.

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