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Internet marketing: where to start?

  • calendar Oct 2, 2018, 2:56:29 PM
Internet marketing: where to start?

What method of promoting your business or product on the Internet you would not choose, you need to begin and end with analytics. Any advertising can be effective only when it is based on the results of the analysis of input and output data. Yes, of course, you can get an instant, unexpectedly positive result under the influence of factors of the external marketing environment, which do not depend on you, but every business owner seeks to predict, control and plan, and rightly so!

Today, Internet marketing goes beyond the components of the classic marketing mix (“4P”), that is, it is not limited to them. So, “product”, “place”, “price”, “promotion” is the basis and from this everything begins. However, current trends in the development of the business environment require building long-term partnerships with counterparties and drawing attention to additional components of the marketing mix, namely: “people”, “process”, “physical evidence” using “7P”.

As a rule, Ukrainian business (we are talking about small and medium, and not about a corporation) refers to marketing specialists after the fact, when there is already a certain product, website, price rating (not always competitive) and they lack only promotion in the form of Internet -marketing, which, due to its tools, should “create a miracle” and preferably in the shortest possible time.

Very often, business ideas that later turn into real business are on the “I want — I don't want”, “I can — I can't”, “there is an opportunity — there is no opportunity”, “like — dislike” option. Unfortunately, few people analyze the market, risks, marketing macro and microenvironment, conducts SWOT analysis, ABC analysis, etc., moreover, not everyone knows about these methods, not to mention owning tools .

Інтернет-маркетинг та ілюзії щодо нього


Internet marketing and the illusion about it

Conventionally, the wishes of customers of Internet marketing services can be divided into the following groups:

- do something that site sells

- I want to sell or sell more

- I want to evolve my brand

Of course, we all read fairy tales in childhood, and as adults continue to believe in miracles, but any business is a process, an “organism,” functioning according to certain laws that are not constants and can change, while requiring constant nutrition, development and modernization. Unfortunately, there are no internet marketers part-time wizards, but there are professionals who are ready to meet the challenges and successfully overcome them. In this case, the main thing is to find your specialist, to trust and help him. The principle: “who owns the information - owns the world” has not been canceled yet, and nobody knows your business better than you. The only difference is that the owner, as a rule, evaluates his business from the position of an optimist, and the marketer must conduct a critical analysis, the results of which may not always be pleasant to you. However, it is through the solution of errors that require human, time and financial resources that success can be achieved. And even a product or service, which, at first glance, sell themselves and only the idea behind them, requires marketing, because there is nothing absolutely unique. Ideally, when a customer seeks to develop his brand, he understands and is ready to invest resources, but this is a long and difficult path that needs to be covered, starting with the choice of the target audience, niche, positioning method and much more.

партнерство залог успеха


Partnership is the key to success

The relationship between the customer of the service and the internet marketer must be affiliate. Internet marketers are interested in the effectiveness of marketing activities no less than business owners. After all, let us be honest, no matter how incredible, gifted, theoretically and practically savvy specialist you are, if you do not have successful cases that you can demonstrate, the range of your potential customers is significantly limited. The main thing here is not to be "carried out" on bright posts, appeals, brand names, you should always analyze more deeply, give answers to many questions, the list of which is not limited and depends on the particular business.

For example:

- Was the result really achieved through marketing activities?

- How has market conditions changed?

- Perhaps competitors stopped pursuing an aggressive marketing policy or changed niche?

- What is the current and potential market capacity?

- To which commodity group, according to the matrix of the Boston Consulting Group, are the goods?

- How much money was spent on promotion?

All these and many other issues of “bottlenecks”, as well as favorable factors are not displayed in cases: first, this is a large amount of information, based on many of the studied indicators, which the client is unlikely to be interested in and understandable to him; secondly, it is not always “profitable” to write about this, because successful cases will then look not so good marketing examples or “frighten” by incredibly large budgets; thirdly, and you, as an advertiser, would like to “disclose cards”, tools, methods by which success was achieved - rhetorical questions, but often customers forbid to advertise this information, with the result that life hacks are left behind the scenes.

So, only partnerships, willingness to share information and focus on results, well-established communications, a desire to learn and learn, an understanding of the specifics and the ability to use analytical data - will help you achieve your goals and get the expected result, or even more!


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