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Instagram hashtags are small # with great features

  • calendar Aug 29, 2018, 4:36:53 PM
Instagram hashtags are small # with great features

The well-known social network has long become not only a “meeting place” for friends, but also a large-scale trading platform. And this is not strange, because the whole concept of Instagram looks like a solid showcase. It is difficult to find a better place for online sales, rather than a social network that is based on photos and captions to them. No complicated structures for you, incomprehensible “baskets”, and on the “place an order” form in general, the head is spinning, indices, passport details and other misunderstandings - it is difficult to be so difficult. Instagram here is another thing! I saw a beautiful picture, you liked what it depicted - wrote to the seller, get the parcel! Easy, simple, convenient. Ideal for today's youth, who all their conscious childhood measured jeans in the winter on the street, on the bazaar, standing on cardboard. And if you remember that all these benefits of civilization are also free: create and register an account, fill the profile with the necessary content, communicate with customers and even organize and distribute various promotions to attract new visitors - so do thank you creators!

But with the arrival of such a miracle platform, many brainy businessmen immediately “moved in” and today the competition is unthinkable. Like many online gladiators, many manufacturers, sellers, trademarks and other representatives of this difficult sphere are fighting in the virtual space for the attention and preference of customers. Ways are different, because, as they say: "In war, all means are good." By hook or by crook, deft sellers are trying to lure a customer to themselves, but we all know that the consumer is not a fool, and he sees if you are honest enough with him and are not trying to rudely buy some cheap stuff. After all, he knows what he wants, and if he does not, he will soon find out. Therefore, we advise you to use only methods of healthy competition, but to do so competently, so that they are as efficient as possible.

One of these tools was the well-known “#” symbol. And if you add a word to it - you get a hashtag. So, the discussion in today's article will go, as you probably already understood from the title, namely about hashtags. What is it all this for a long time everyone knows, and how they work too. But how to use them correctly - not everyone understands them, and what miracles can be done with their help - as well. So carry the secret knowledge and skills to the masses!

Types of hashtags and their differences between themselves

So, like any tools, hashtags are also different and have a certain classification. Namely:

  • Hashtag name or brand.. This is the base tag to find you among a huge number of similar pages. Use the name of the store \ brand or come up with a brand phrase that will be immediately associated with you. Here, for example, you can take a look at Adidas. Their slogan sounds: Impossible is nothing. And now on Instagram there are over 18.2k posts tagged with #imposibleisnothing.
    Instagram Хештеги

    Do not forget to promote it, write on business cards, boxes, mention in the media, encourage your customers for using the corporate hashtag;

  • Hashtag-rubrics. With their help, sort the goods by type, collection, year of release or other signs, so that the client can immediately find the things that interest him, and not wander in the profile;
  • Events hashtags. If you, as a representative of your business, take part in an event, like an exhibition, fair, or something like that, use their tag. Often, large-scale events have their own hashtag, according to which people find them later in social networks, and joining this kind of “team game” you are more likely to be recognized and found;
    Пост instagram c хетегом мероприятия
  • Worldwide hashtags. Today, various flashmobs, Challenges and other online entertainment are so popular that not only ordinary users, but also entire brands and companies take part in them. If you, as a representative of your brand or store, participated in an event of this nature - then this is a great chance to declare yourself at the world level. Put a tag of this game under the photo or video (which must be done while fulfilling the conditions of the task) and “thunder” to the whole world!
    Хештег icebucketchallenge
    For example, the insanely popular "Ice bucket challenge". Its scale was so great that many popular personalities also joined it. Someone to support the very idea and purpose, with which it was created initially, and some, to stay on the ear and not lose the audience. Or even multiply it;

  • Tags based on your business. Use a few simple, straightforward thematic hashtags that match you. According to them, potential buyers can search for goods. For example: # leather bags, # dresses, # natural cosmetics and otherlikes;
    Using such simple, and at the same time, very effective life hacking you can promote your page much faster and more painlessly than waiting for the miracle to happen by itself and crowds of delighted customers fall on you.
    Запись с инстаграм аккаунта магазина

Jumping in feet first - not always good

The main condition in any business is to know the measure in everything. Sometimes people are so addicted to this tool that they use it indiscriminately and make a lot of mistakes. The most common of these is too many hashtags. At first glance there is nothing suspicious and bad, except, perhaps, not aesthetics. But only at first.

You have definitely seen huge “carpets” under the posts, woven from #. The problem is that most of these tags are common or too far from what the user can actually fit into the search. Roll up hashtags there indiscriminately - this is not your method, believe me. Develop your own set of hashtags, individual and thoughtful. And of course - proven. Promote it with clients + use tags of events you attend. This will be enough, and much more efficient, than to show your customers huge canvases of tags.

The next, less noticeable, but no less fatal error is not a unique tag. Having developed your hashtag certainly check it out. Enter it on Instagram and see if someone else is using it. Otherwise it may surprise you unpleasantly.

In no case do not use hashtags off topic, even if you really want. Even if they are mega popular. This is at least meaningless. Visitors will not add it to you, because if a person is looking for a specific request # like4like or #love, then he is clearly not going to purchase any product or service. But the number of tags under the post unnecessary words you add. And this is not what we want, right?

Well, friends! Use hashtags competently and with benefit. Your task is to turn them into a working promotion tool, and approaching responsibly to this issue you will certainly succeed. Include logic, healthy skepticism, a little effort and time and create your own network of useful tags for your business page on Instagram.


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