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5 qualities of a good project manager

  • calendar Sep 25, 2018, 5:34:02 PM
5 qualities of a good project manager

<p>A project manager is the person through whom a team can work together closely and productively.</p>

<p>From it follows that PM should not only well find a common language with different people, but also eliminate conflicts that arise (which is inevitable if more than one person works on the project), structure the work of other people, manage not only his own, but also the time of all his colleagues on the project.</p>

<h2 style="text-align: center;">Stress? No, just regular day!</h2>

<p><img alt="Стресс? Нет, обычный день!" class="img" src="https://imrev.com.ua/storage/source/blog/pm_blog_04.png" /></p>

<p>Thus, it can be seen that stress resistance is one of the key qualities for a PM position. Whatever the problems on the project: with the client, the team, the tasks - all this is in the hands of one person. And if the project is close to failure, only he is responsible for this - PM, who should not panic, fuss and tear the hair on his head. The ability to act quickly and take responsibility - this is the duty of this strong person :) Everything surrenders on time and even earlier. At the same time, you should not blame everything on one person. Still, PM's work depends on everyone in the team.</p>

<p>The next valuable quality is all-round evolvement. It is important to be able and understand how to apply new and old tools and technologies. There are many stages in the development of the project - from the idea to create a website to the introduction of CMS: talk with the client to find out his desires, goals and give him the best solution for his needs; competently make a prototype so that it can be implemented; know the trends in design, so that the site attracted a potential client; understand the technical side of implementation. And in each stage, PM must understand in order to correctly check and point out errors in time so that the client gets the best product.</p>

<p>Further, from the important qualities I would like to highlight patience. It is clear to everyone that nothing in life ever goes clearly according to plan and desires. Patience for the client, when he doesn’t know what he wants and changes his requirements every day, patience for a colleague, with whom opinion about the project has run away, patience for youself, when you have to find a way out of a difficult situation. The above stress tolerance is taken from patience and the situation in the office and the head depends.</p>

<h3 style="text-align: center;">PROJECT MANAGER - because there is no such position as a “superhero”</h3>

<p><img alt="PROJECT MANAGER - потому что нет такой должности как супергерой" class="img" src="https://imrev.com.ua/storage/source/blog/projectmanagersuperhero.jpg" /></p>

<p>Being a leader is not even one, but a whole bunch of qualities, which include the ability to lead, the skill of persuasion, the ability to negotiate. And this is not a complete list of all the flowers in this fragrant bouquet. The customer should trust and trust you, and the team should listen and accept. It is through this quality that PM receives support from others around it, community members, in order to achieve one goal - the successful implementation of the project.</p>

<p>The last useful quality I would like to write is foresight. No matter how ridiculous it may sound, but sometimes you can’t do without it :) What can go wrong, what the client will like more, how long this or that stage will take into account all factors - the precious  foresight will help us with this :) Forecasting comes with experience. Because the more work experience - the more extrasensory abilities you have.</p>

<p style="text-align: right;">&copy; Аnka А.</p>


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